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Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Terrors.

I screened my newest short Orange this past weekend at a short film showcase in Toronto and it went pretty well.  It was a small turnout with it being Saturday and all – and worse, a beautiful night not to be indoors – but those in attendance seemed to like it.  I was fortunate to have my two stars, Jeff & Tonya with me to keep my nerves in check. Two of Jeff’s co-stars from his web series Clutch showed up, as well, which was nice.  It was fun night, which included my first Q&A.  Whenever I go to small indie premieres, there is always that moment when the emcee turns it over to the audience.  I’m always terrified there will just be crickets & tumbleweeds and I’ll feel so bad for the filmmaker. Fortunately, that has never happened and didn’t here either.

Little Terrors curator Justin McConnell put together a solid collection of shorts that evening, chief among them the British uber-short Zomblies.  It was a little light on story, cribbing a lot from films like Dog Soldiers, Doomsday and 28 Days Later, but the production values were extremely impressive considering it apparently only cost about fifty grand to produce.

So, where do I go from here?  Well, I’ll likely submit Orange to a few places over the next few months and then eventually put it online for everyone to gander.  Thanks again to my wonderful cast and crew, Justin McConnell for being gracious enough to program it, Jonathan Hlibka over at The Projection Booth for housing the event, and everyone who came out.

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What is next for Jay Clarke? Prometheus 2 in 2014? Are you up to it after your experience?