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Sunday, December 2, 2012

DKTM 161

Happy December everyone! Here's what been happening on the Internets this week.


Here's a nice piece of levity for you. This prank video from Brazil has been tearing up the Web this week.

I wonder if there's been a rise in the use of stairs in Rio recently?

Traucki Lives!

His lacklustre short in the ABC's of Death notwithstanding, I love the work of Aussie director Andrew Traucki.  His two under-seen killer beast features (2007's Black Water and 2010's The Reef) are great examples of independent filmmaking. Now, Traucki is looking for help to finish financing his third feature, The Jungle. Here below, are the poster and trailer.

I'm in. For more info, go to the Indiegogo page here.

Weird Words II.

A few months back, Fangoria announced a second edition of their short story competition Weird Words. After six weeks of waiting, they have finally posted the first finalist, Creeper.  Over the next little while all the finalists will be posted on Fangoria (although at this rate, it will be Halloween by the time they're all up) where the readers will take over and vote for their favourites. The best three will then be printed in a future issue of Fangoria magazine. You can check out Creeper, by going here. Good luck to all the entrants!

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