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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trailer Tuesdays: The Deadly Spawn

Shifting from slashers to carnivorous alien creatures, here is the trailer for the 1983 flick The Deadly Spawn aka Return of the Aliens Deadly Spawn courtesy of sideshowcarny.

Since discovering it by way of Continental Video’s compilation video Terror on Tape, I have always loved this movie. It is truly a prime example of ingenuity filling in for lack of funds. The gore is spectacular, and there are some memorable surprises in the movie, as well.

If I had a wish list of vintage B-movie props, that giant million-toothed monster puppet would be high up there. It actually surprises me that Todd McFarlane or any of the other cool figure manufacturers out there have never tackled this creature.

Lastly, for those not aware, there was also an unofficial sequel made in 1990 called Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor. Though the movie is less interesting overall, the creature designs are solid and also features some awesome stop-motion sequences.

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