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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trailer Tuesdays: Cat People (1982)

In lieu of yesterday's post, I thought I'd keep the theme going by putting up the trailer for Paul Schrader's 1982 remake of Cat People.

Trailer courtesy of meowza3k

Sexy! This is one of those films that demands a re-watch, as I was really young when I first saw it. I can tell from the trailer that a lot of set pieces from the original have been retained, but it's clear that Schrader's take is more overtly sexual. The eighties didn't really do subtle, did they? Cat People has significance to me, because next to Halloween II, it was probably my first experience with onscreen boobies. It is funny how that image of Lynn Lowry screaming on the stairs is burnt into my memory, but I don't remember a single frame otherwise. I didn't even recall that Malcolm effing MacDowell was in it! Of course, being around eight years old at the time, it is possible that I was ushered out of the room after that scene.

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