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Sunday, September 1, 2013

DKTM 192

Hey all! Hope you are enjoying your Labour Day weekend. I'm using it to catch up on some other things, but here's some cool little discoveries from the week.


I came across this incredibly detailed art print by this week on Ink Rituals last week. You're gonna wanna right-click to enlarge this one.

I mean LOOK AT THAT!!! Created by artist Alexandros Pyromallis, it took my entire being not to shell out the seventy bucks it would've cost me to own that beauty. It is a limited run of 40, so if you want to snag one, click here.

Looking Good.

Here's a new trailer for Jim Mickle's (Mulberry Street, Stake Land) remake of the 2010 Mexican film We Are What We Are.

Despite my general disdain for remakes, this trailer won me over. Mickle has always had a very strong grasp of character, so this project seems like a perfect fit, and not a cash grab or something that was thrust upon him by a studio. I can also see from this trailer that there's been some clever tweaks made that may open up some new avenues to explore. This one just shot up my list, folks.


This Duke Nukem mod is several years old, but I just discovered it via Steve Kostanski this week. It was too awesome to not post here.

The detail here is staggering, even down to the Gold Room bathrooms. It's funny, despite that person in Room 237 claiming that The Overlook was unmappable, this guy didn't seem to have any trouble. Awesome work!

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