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Thursday, August 7, 2014

...Cuz It's Awesome.

I got my Kickstarter perks from my contribution to the documentary Why Horror? this week.

They are pretty sweet, I must say. I also get a Blu-ray of the film, but since it's not actually finished yet, I have to wait for that. I'm kind of hoping that it appears on the big screen somewhere before that anyway. Being that the director Tal Zimerman is from Toronto, I think there is a good possibility there will be a premiere of some kind by year's end. If you happen to be attending the Festival of Fear in a few weeks, there is a Why Horror? panel/preview in the works, so keep your eye out for that.

For those who don't know, Why Horror? is a documentary about the horror phenomenon, and why some people are irresistibly drawn to it as a form of entertainment and features all manner of experts, including filmmakers, artists and writers. For more info on the project, click here.

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