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Friday, August 1, 2014


Recently, I was the beneficiary of some awesome treasures of film festivals past. TIFF programmer Colin Geddes was moving offices and needing to unload some of his old programme guides, I was happy to take them off his hands. Here below, for your viewing enjoyment are some of the more eye-catching spoils.

First up, are the programmes from the Sitges Film Festival. The most prestigious genre film festival in Europe, I've always dreamed of attending. Gods willing, one of my projects may play there someday.

Next are the guides for the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

I love that last one. The art reminds me of the stuff in those old D&D manuals and Fighting Fantasy books. This next one is from the Fantastisk Film Festival in Sweden.

I also want to mention this year's programme guide for Fantasia, as it memorializes genre greats Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury and Forrest J. Ackermann.

My bookshelf just got a little fuller - and a lot heavier. Love it!

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