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Sunday, March 22, 2015

DKTM 258

Spring is officially here, and thankfully I didn't even need a calendar to tell me so. It was already evident in the fact that we've had a string of plus-zero days and the ice has melted to the point that I don't have to risk breaking my neck every morning. Good deal. I've got a spot of past, present and future for you today, so let's get right to it.

A VHS Adventure.

Over in Alberta, that crazy retro-minded collective, The House of Heathans have themselves a new project called The B-Movie Odyssey. Expanding on the universe introduced in The Last Video Store and M is for Magnetic Tape, video jockey Kevin Martin finds himself sucked into the world of home video. Here's the pilot episode below.

If the subject matter didn't already sell me, the Tristan Risk Final Girl cameo certainly did. B-Movie Odyssey is actually a contest entry for Storyhive, a community powered funding program for emerging filmmakers in Alberta and British Columbia. So, if you liked what you saw, go on over to the website and cast a vote for it. The winner gets $50,000 and a Telus distribution deal.

Where Paradise Is Home.

This week saw a new trailer for the upcoming FOX show Wayward Pines.

There are certainly a lot of intriguing notions in this show, but I'm weary that the more I learn, it becomes less like Twin Peaks and more like Lost. If this is just a show about M. Night trying to be clever, I'm going to lose interest real fast. However, there is a ton of talent in this show, and NBC's Hannibal has proven that network shows can compete with their cable brethren. Wayward Pines premieres Thursday, May 14th.

Eat Your Heart Out, Peter Weller.

Below, is perhaps one of the better proof of concept trailers I have ever seen.

We are certainly getting photo-realistic with our animations these days, aren't we? I've heard some negative feedback about the Leviathan design, but I like it. The front end resembles a Great White shark, which offers up intriguing possibilities about shared evolution. Hopefully, there is more of a story here than director Ruairi Robinson's last project, The Last Days of Mars. But, that trailer above is a great jumping off point.

And hey, if it doesn't become a movie, maybe Team Ico can make a video game out of it, as it seems apparent by now that we're never getting The Last Guardian. But, that's a whole 'nother matter.

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