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Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th 2015 Part 2

All right, here we are at the second of three Friday the 13th's this year. I hope you all find a suitable way to celebrate. Meanwhile, check out this sweet coffee table made by Slaughter FX.

You got eight hundred bones to spare, right? Plus, if you happen to have access to EPIX, there's a Friday the 13th marathon going on all day starting... Well, right now! Check on the image below for the schedule.

On another note, David Robert Mitchell's horror juggernaut It Follows opens up in a few theatres in NY and LA this weekend, with a larger roll-out the following week. Check this site to see if you live in one of those cities. 

I know we here in Canada have to wait until the 27th, so don't squander this wonderful gift you have been given. If it is anywhere near you. GO SEE IT. No excuses.

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