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Sunday, November 20, 2016

DKTM 318

Good afternoon everyone. I'm posting to you now from under a pile of blankets, as it appears that the sickness I've been dodging for over a month has now finally caught up with me. Rats.

The Void Awaits.

I was super happy to hear this week that Steve Kostanski & Jeremy Gillespie's dark vision The Void has just secured US distribution. 

Screen Media has procured the title and intend to release it in early next year. As I said in my review last month, The Void is perfect for not only fans of practical effects and cosmic horror, but those who enjoy straight up tales of the macabre. Be sure to answer the call of The Void when it beckons in 2017.


Bloody Disgusting just brought my attention to the gooey exploits of an artist named Jonathan Payne. He is responsible of all manners of weird sculptrures, but the ones that caught my eye were the Fleshettes.

A weird marriage of Cronenberg, Carpenter and Morgan, these things just ooze an unsettling aura.

As if I didn't get enough teeth from Candle Cove :o

Short Cuts.

When I can, I like to showcase short films that have made an impression on me. The first one is Steve Desmond's Monsters. Anchored by a strong performance from young lead Caitlin Carmichael, this short that has torn up the festival circuit has just arrived online. 

Second, here is a short that was brought to my attention just recently. Commissioned for Dutch television and directed by Maarten Groen, I think this short, entitled ArrĂȘt Pipi, should have more eyes on it.

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