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Monday, February 27, 2017

Getting It Right

Last week saw the release of Jordan Peele's horror debut, Get Out.

While meeting his girlfriend's family for the first time, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) realizes there is something strange going on at their estate.

Even going in with high expectations from all the positive buzz (the 100% on RT included) I was still extremely impressed by this movie. Get Out was a success in every regard. I am literally still in shock from how well put together this movie was.

Daniel Kaluuya as Chris in Get Out.

This is a movie that is so well balanced. It has both horror and comedy, but it is not a horror comedy. In less capable hands, Get Out could have been Scary Movie 6, but Peele not only understands both genres, but also has the chops to execute. This was a veritable clinic on pacing and storytelling, as well as mining tension from even the most innocuous situations. The use of sound design during that hypnotism scene - one of the most off-putting sequences I've seen in ages - was absolutely brilliant.

I think the most striking thing about the movie was just how well acted it was. You really notice the difference when you see a horror project where everyone is giving one-hundred per cent. There is not a weak link in this entire piece. When you are dealing with high-caliber talent like this, you can't help but get invested in the proceedings.

The always terrific Bradley Whitford & Catherine Keener in Get Out.

We all know horror is subjective. Now matter how popular a new horror movie gets, there are always detractors. You're Next and Cabin in The Woods may have been too cheeky for you. It Follows' plot holes may have been too problematic and The Witch's commitment to authenticity may have made it inaccessible to some. I can understand that. However, if you didn't like Get Out, maybe you just don't like horror movies or - dare I say - movies in general.

I think this movie is going to do well and that is a very exciting prospect. It means the bean-counters may decide that fresh-takes are worth a second look over remakes and rehashes. Hell, let those Pineapple Express guys make a horror movie, but don't shoehorn them into a new Halloween title that no one needs. Let them run wild without constraints. This may be the very thing that brings about the next cycle of horror. 

Here's hoping.

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