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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Showers IV: Day Three

For Day Three I figured I'd do another film I missed at TIFF last year (specially since it started streaming on Shudder just last week) Alice Lowe's Prevenge.

Spurred on by the voice of the unborn child inside her, Ruth (Alice Lowe) goes on a grisly murder spree.

Ahh, there's nothing quite like the sardonic and deadpan delivery of British humour. Prevenge has all the touchstones we've come to expect with no shortage of awkward situations. This style is like a warm blanket for me and in my eyes, Lowe is one of its premiere purveyors. I still feel that Ben Wheatley's best film to date is Sightseers and the duo of Lowe and Steve Oram were the main reason for that.

Alice Lowe as Ruth in Prevenge.

I was actually expecting this movie to be a little more over-the-top, so I was a little surprised to see how restrained it was. Granted, her killings are still explosively violent (much like Wheatley's oeuvre coincidentally), but were presented in matter-of-fact fashion with little celebration.

Prevenge focused far more on the tragic nature of Lowe's character, and she offered much more depth to the piece than I anticipated. She was actually pregnant while filming this, so I'm sure that helped with the motivation, but I think her experience as a comedy writer served her the most. Several sections of this piece felt like they could have been stand-alone skits and it required real skill to weave them together as well as she did.

While it wasn't nearly as flashy as I was expecting, I thought Prevenge was a strong effort from a unique voice that I look forward to hearing more from.  

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