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Sunday, April 30, 2017

DKTM 338

Hello all. Your weekend is going well I hope and if it's not, maybe these little horror morsels will lift your spirits.

But What A View.

The new trailer for Gabriel Carrer's newest, Death on Scenic Drive dropped this week.

I enjoyed his previous film The Demolisher for its look, tone and use of music and it looks like a lot of the same team has been utilized on screen for this one. I'll no doubt be seeing somewhere (whether it be Fantasia, TAD or BITS) this year, so it's nice to have that to look forward to.

A Mother's Love.

Ahead of the May 26th release of their Friday The 13th video game, Gun Media posted these two Pamela Voorhees tapes.

Apparently these “Pamela Tapes” will be unlockables that you can find throughout the levels. I think it's a nice little extra, and actress Jen Burton has done a pretty great job of recreating the original performance by Betsy Palmer.

How Swede It Is.

I found a trailer for a new Scandinavian horror called Robin.

A Danish/Swedish co-production looks like it's definitely got the visuals down. Robin premiered the Brussels International Film Festival earlier this month, so hopefully it comes my way at some point. The last similarly-themed Swedish horror I saw was Filip Tegstedt's Marianne, and that stuck with me for a good long while.

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