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Sunday, May 28, 2017

DKTM 341

Hey all. I hope my friends to the south are all enjoying their long weekends. And if you were not one of those people who splurged and watched all the available Twin Peaks episodes last Sunday, enjoy parts three and four! For now, here's what I've got for you.

This Guy Gets It.

I discovered through Lunchmeat that there is this wonderful individual named Jason Champion in Houston, Texas that has converted his basement into a video store. 

In his words he says;

“So, the whole idea behind Champion Video is to give people that same experience, the thrill of discovering a movie they didn’t know existed or forgot that they loved, and just to have fun with it man. Browsing through titles in person and renting videos was THE thing to do on Friday and Saturday nights, and it’s an experience people don’t think about often anymore. But I find as soon as I bring up the subject, you can see people’s minds going into nostalgia overload, and I really dig that.”

I absolutely love that he uses actual membership cards and keeps track of his rentals with a Commodore 64 spreadsheet program. Though not officially open to the public yet, he has plans to do so in the future. My heart swells a thousand sizes for this place. To read the full Lunchmeat interview, click here.

That Darn Cat.

I just found this video of Alien re-cut as a comedy from Mashable Watercooler.

The editing here is spot-on and to be honest, I think I would've rather watched this than Covenant. But that's another story.

The Female of the Species.

And speaking of Ripley, I went to a book launch on Friday for Rue Morgue's newest library release Women With Guts.

Featuring over thirty essays and articles about women of and in horror media, this will keep your fingertips stained red for hours. I just dipped into it yesterday, but I'm very much looking forward to reading the pieces on Ginger Snaps, The Descent, Argento muses Daria Nicolodi & Asia Argento and Scream Queen royalty Jamie Lee Curtis & Linnea Quigley.

To order yours for a mere ten bones, click here.

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