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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trailer Tuesdays: Terror on Tour

I'll be re-watching Night Train To Terror at a party this weekend and it got me thinking about horror films where live music is prominently featured. I didn't have to look long before this one came up.

Directed by Don Edmonds (of Ilsa fame), Terror on Tour promises to crank the eighties cheese to eleven. Anyway, I'm hoping to post something later this week that's been a looooong time coming. Until then, be safe!


Belial Bradley said...

That's a funny trailer; never heard of that one. It looks like some sort of riff on KISS, taken to an extreme.

There used to be this show on tv that mixed music and mayhem. Did you ever come across Metalocalypse?

Jay Clarke said...

I've heard of it, never watched it though.