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Sunday, November 5, 2017

DKTM 356

Hello all. This post is coming to you posthumously, as I am currently taking in the festivities at this year's Horror-Rama. You can expect a full report on that in a few days, but here's what I've got for you right now.


Earlier this year, I posted about a special screening of Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh. Toronto-based filmmaker Pierce Derks had pieced together all the cut-scenes from Lorilei Shannon's 1996 video game oddity into a coherent feature length narrative and it was a sight to behold for many reasons. In celebration of Halloween, Derks posted the full video on his Vimeo page for all to enjoy.

After our Hellraiser marathon last week, we discovered that Puzzle of Flesh shared a lot in common with Hellseeker (the sixth entry in the franchise), but I'm sure you will agree that Shannon's effort bears much more forbidden fruit than that ever did.

Frank's Back.

I discovered that Eibon Press has resurrected Bill Lustig's iconic character Frank Zito for a limited comic series. From the sweat-streaked film reels of 42nd Street and onto the page comes more Maniac for a new crop of degenerates.

Pre-orders are still ongoing for Issue #1 and Eibon just recently teased the second issue, which puts Frank up against another well-known scourge of NYC, Lucio Fulci's New York Ripper!

This artwork is as lewd and provocative as any VHS back in the day, so it's definitely worth a look. To check out more from Eibon press, click here.

Hell Springs Eternal.

Filmmaker & actor Jeff Sinasac, whom I've worked with on many occasions, has for quite sometime been slaving over a passion project of his called Red Spring. Now, it finally looks it is ready to be unleashed. Check out the trailer below.

It was just announced yesterday that Red Spring will having its world premiere at this year's Blood in the Snow Fesitval. Hope to see you there!

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