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Thursday, December 3, 2009

VHS Gets Some Love!

Rue Morgue #96 hit newstands eariler this week, and it's a whole bunch of nostalgic goodness. This is new editor-in-chief Dave Alexander's first issue after taking over from the departing Jovanka Vuckovic.

This issue is a love letter to that obsolete video format that many of us grew up with. In addition to an extremely comprehensive look at the Canadian survival horror flick Rituals, the segment "Deliver Us From Analogue" offers up a great list of vintage VHS titles that have yet to be given the digital treatment. And the best part? Staff writer Michael Blyth pays special homage to probably my favourite horror movie from that era that has yet to be domestically released on DVD - there is actually a framed poster of it beside my bed - Bernard Rose's Paperhouse.

I know Dave personally and he's a real class act, so I can think of no one better to bring Rue Morgue magazine into its thirteenth year. For more info on the issue, click here.

1 comment:

Chris H said...

If Paperhouse and Rituals are both featured in this issue, they're off to a great start with the new editor-in-chief.

I am so glad I can watch a better version of Rituals than the one on my very crappy VHS copy.

I hope the cover art is worthy.