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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

She Said You Could Get Rid Of It.

Since my incoming Black Water DVD has mysteriously gone missing, I have a gap to fill here. Check out this trailer for Re-Wire, a new indie that popped up on Twitch a few days ago.

The reason I make special mention of it, is that I went to high school with the film's star. Brandon McGibbon - who we'll also see in the upcoming Vincenzo Natali sci-fi Splice - is really making a move now after years of grinding away in commercials and walk-on parts in movies like Killshot and Saw 5. Congrats, man!


Michael Shaye said...

I don't remember his was he in your grade?

Jay Clarke said...

He might have been one or two grades younger, we were in the Sears Festival together in '92 & '93.