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Friday, August 6, 2010

It Came From The Archives 5!

The second season of VH1's Scream Queens began on Monday and I'm all over it like a moth to a flame.

So, in celebration of what is to be seven more weeks of joy for me while Queens plays itself out, I thought I would look back on all the blood-soaked babes of yore. When I was showcasing my collection of Fangoria cards a few months ago, I mentioned there was an epic special section they did in one of their issues called the Scream Queens Field Guide. Well, I dug it out recently and here it is below for your enjoyment. Click on any of the images to enlarge and let the memories commence.

Quite a database, eh? My favourites back in the day - apart from the obvious choice of Jamie Lee - were Kathleen Kinmont and Elizabeth Kaitan. I'm sure you can imagine my glee when I tracked down a copy of Rollerblade Warriors, which features them both together in the same movie. The rest of the issue above (#102, May 1991) is actually pretty bad-ass, with featured articles on several women in the industry, including Barbara Steele, Caroline Munro, Jill Schoelen and Rachel Talalay.

Bringing things back to present day, the term Scream Queen tends to get thrown around quite arbitrarily these days. However, a few actresses I really dig currently that have had their fair share of blood thrown on them are Katheryn Winnick, Lindy Booth, Katherine Isabelle (yeah, so I like my Canadian gals, what of it), Mary Elizabeth Winstead and good ol' Erin Brown aka Misty Mundae.

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