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Monday, February 14, 2011


Far be it from me to pay credence to a detestable Hallmark holiday, but the short film below is worth your time, no matter the colour of your heart. Unstrung is the winning film of the 2010 Film Racing Grand Prix, where teams are charged with creating a short film in one-hundred hours. The only parameters for this year's competition were the theme of 'forever' and the use of 'a photograph' as a prop.

Congrats to the people over at Meerkat Media for pulling this off so seamlessly. Even if they had access to the studio and all the puppets for the shoot, they still had to get all that beautiful coverage and edit it together. Having participated in three similar challenges myself, I know the Herculean undertaking this must have been.

To check out some of the other 2010 Grand Prix films, click here.

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