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Sunday, November 18, 2012

DKTM 159

Good afternoon everyone. Here's what I have for you this fine day.

Terror At Four Inches Tall.

I came across some wicked custom action figures online the other day. A dude named Popsfartberger has made himself an entire line of vintage 3 3/4" action figures; ones you'd never see from Hasbro or Kenner. Check some of them out below.

If your mouth is now watering, the good news is that you can purchase them via his Ebay store. Check out all of Popsfartberger's wares by going here.


Ever since his recent BBC special Apocalypse was mentioned on TRS last week, I've been ravenously watching YouTube videos of UK hypnotist Derren Brown. I had previously seen his Waking Dead video when it went viral a few years ago and heard about his live game of Russian Roulette, but wasn't aware of his huge popularity in Britain. His show Apocalypse is what I'd like to bring your attention to today. Basically, Brown takes a chronic underachiever and through suggestion and hypnosis, makes him believe the world has ended and is now living in a zombie apocalypse. Here is the two-part miniseries below.

Whether you believe it is real or not, the message remains the same.

ABC's of Death Gets Red.

Here below is the recently released red band trailer for the Drafthouse Films' anthology ABC's of Death.

I like that trailer a lot, as it really gives you a sense of the insanity that lies within. For more info on the project, you can go to the main website, or check out my review from September.

Thanks y'all, and remember to play safe.

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