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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trailer Tuesdays: Three On A Meathook

This week's trailer is for the 1972 backwoods horror flick Three On A Meathook. Take a look courtesy of YouTube user PathGrinder.

The narrator cracks me up every time. I've never heard so much verbal diarrhea in a trailer before.

“ touches the full spectrum of the bizarre, the forbidden. The twilight areas of a life destined to be spent in shadow and agony...” Huh?

“...Forcing the will into blind canyons of lonliness and despair! A stolen life onto a Godless oblivion...” What now?

“...Little broken dolls that go on dancing, after the music has stopped...” Okaaaay.

However, as cheesy as the narration may be, I can't help but wonder if it influenced the John Larroquette-voiced opening crawl of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre two years later. I mean they both share the same inspiration - Ed Gein - so it is within the realm of possibility that Tobe Hooper and company may have seen this flick when it came out. Three On A Meathook also get points for following through on its title. What you see is what you get, folks!


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