In addition to the usual reviews and comments you would find on a horror movie blog, this is also a document of the wonderfully vast horror movie section of the video store I worked at in my youth.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Crawlspace Dive!

As regular visitors would know, I have occasional Archives posts featuring horror stuff pulled out my parent's crawlspace. But what about all the non-genre stuff? The action figures, toys and all other manner of miscellaneous curiosities?

Well, this year I have started a new project. Now showing on Instagram is Crawlspace Dive Oh-One-Five 365. Everyday in 2015, I'll be posting something I pulled out of that cavernous pit under my parent's house.

Here's a sampling of stuff posted so far...

It's pretty video game-centric at the moment, but I'll be moving onto board games and collectible cards in the coming months. If you'd like to follow along, please do so! The Web address is


Belial Bradley said...
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Jay Clarke said...

The basement is just the tip of the iceberg. It holds many secrets.