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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Trailer Tuesdays: Bloody Birthday

I finally watched this little gem from 1980 yesterday.

I was already a fan of Ed Hunt after watching The Brain and Plague (which coincidentally I reviewed exactly six years ago today) but this movie was so much fucking fun. I mean, let's run it down.

It has killer kids, including Billy Jacoby from Cujo & Superstition and Elizabeth Hoy who sports the best funeral dress ever! Twice!

It has a Pre-Porky's Peep Show.

It has junkyard action.

It has THIS fucking random party clown. 

Seriously, this is going in the Halloween costume idea file.

It has a cool score, which is this weird mash-up of Kolchak and Friday the 13th.

It has pre-action hero Michael Dudikoff.

American Ninja, crashing funerals like a boss!

It has a lot of pink and mauve. The transition from the seventies to the eighties was an awkward time.

The Blondie poster is the only thing in this shot that does not hurt my eyes.

Add these things all up and you have a real winner. I urge you to grab some friends and give this a whirl.

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