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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Below The Line 2

Last weekend during Hamilton's Supercrawl, Gary Pullin & Sara Deck put on the sophomore edition of their poster show, Below The Line

Mills Hardware again hosted the event and it was pretty grand. The event showcased new work from over ten premiere artists including the aforementioned Pullin & Deck, as well as Matt Ryan Tobin, Paige Reynolds, Jason Edmiston, Kevin Tong & Justin Erickson.

Mills Hardware in Hamilton, Ontario.

As soon as I walked through the door, I made a bee-line for Gary and picked up his new print of Night of the Living Dead. He had several there so my late arrival due to traffic was not an issue. Thankfully, after the last show he also instituted a two per person limit. This is very good because some of these collectors are like rabid dogs.

The top one glows in the dark!

I was very good that night. I got what I wanted and then restrained myself from buying anymore. Tobin's American Werewolf in London and Tong's Ghost in the Shell were callllling calllling callling my name all night.

Here are some others from the show. I apologize for the glare, couldn't really avoid it. Though the reflected lights strung up along the bar actually kind of work for the Stranger Things print.

Star Wars print by Kevin Tong.

The Thing by Jason Edmiston and It by Sara Deck

Stranger Things by Vance Kelly.

I really love these shows and getting to catch up with old friends, some of whom I usually only see at these kind of events. For more info on Below the Line, click here.

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