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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger XVII

Hello all. Let's see what's happening out there in the world.

Sound Advice.

I was cruising around Digg this week, and I found this horror list of the Top 13 Stupidest Decisions In The History Of Horror Films on I know, you are saying, "meh, another list", but I found this one to be actually quite funny. My favourite is #10. Never buy your kid a present off the black market. That SHOULD be common sense, but those of us over thirty remember that crazy Cabbage Patch Kid Christmas. Mothers drew blood that year.

There's Always Music In The Air.

I think this clip has been around a while, but I just saw it this week. It's another trailer mashup, this one being Dirty Dancing as directed by David Lynch.

This totally captures Lynch's signature style. It's even almost as good as the super popular Shining trailer.

West Talks Doghouse.

One of my most anticipated horror flicks this year is Jake West's Doghouse. I've been salivating for its arrival for quite some time now and recently Todd over at Twitch got to talk with West about it. It releases in the UK next month and hopefully will release here in the fall, either wide or by way of a festival or two. See the new one sheet below and click here for the full interview.

That's all for now, and Happy Mother's Day to all you matriarchs out there!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, because you know what Jay? All I needed was yet ANOTHER movie to get excited about when I should be doing schoolwork - jeez :D

- Zac

PS: I've just put your newsletter in its envelope, I'll be sending it out this week! Thanks for sending the money, I appreciate it.