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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Screaming For More.

I've nailed down my ticket for tomorrow's midnight show of Drag Me To Hell, so now I'm just watching the clock.

This wallpaper has been staring back at me from my desktop for a few weeks now and the frozen scream of Alison Lohman got me thinking. The screaming victim is a popular theme of coverbox art. And why not? It IS almost exclusive to the genre and probably the most important of a Scream Queen's assets - besides the obvious of course heh heh. Wes Craven even named his nineties slasher franchise after it for crying out loud! So, for this very special Coverbox Wednesday, I tracked some vintage screams for you all to enjoy.

That one's the most famous of all, wouldn't you say? Ol' Alfred sure had a thing for screaming starlets, didn't he?


Anonymous said...

(I don't like the Drag me to Hell poster, it's generic, faux and overphotoshopped)

Anyway, some of these posters are so bad! Frenzy is by far the worst though, is she even screaming? :D

- Zac

Anonymous said...

Bill Paxton in something called The Vagrant?!? I've got to see it!