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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Don't Kill The Messenger 94

Sit back and enjoy this week's trailer edition of Don't Kill The Messenger.

Waller Would Not Approve.

So, I had a trailer waiting for me in my inbox this week, for Eric England's slasher Madison County. Here it is below.

Although the number of movies Madison County looks like would fill a list as long as my arm, there may be something here. First of all, it was allegedly made for seventy-five thousand, which is pretty impressive considering how slick it looks. Second, the effects work was done by Almost Human Inc and anybody who saw Robert Hall's last flick Laid To Rest knows the gore was by far its best quality. This week was the first I'd heard of Madison County, but there was a teaser that hit the Web many moons ago.

As an interesting aside, England made some very good points on his blog in response to the various reactions to the trailer. Click here to read them.

Something South By This Way Comes.

Next, I have two trailers from movies playing South By Southwest in a few days. The first is a British flick called Attack The Block.

As far as alien encounter movies featuring Nick Frost go, this looks way more appealing to me than Paul.

The second trailer is for a teen slasher called Detention. Todd from Twitch described this as Donnie Darko on speed. Yeah, I can see that.

Is it possible that this film could outscream Scream 4? I wish it well, but quirky self-referential slashers often generate good Internet buzz, but then fizzle out (Cherry Falls anyone?) However, the visual flair demonstrated in Detention's trailer - which kind of reminded me of Scott Pilgrim a tad - has me certainly intrigued.


Anonymous said...

I got a request. If you haven't done it already, how about an article about that video game you used to have that involved using a model space ship to shoot at other craft appearing on a TV screen.

It wasn't based on a video game console, but was some soft of plug-and-play. I think it might have run off a VHS tape?

What I could not figure out was how if you were able to hit a space ship on the screen that it would blow up and dissapear. There was no RAM, hard drive or vid card to speak of.

Jay Clarke said...

That sounds like Captain Power, a Canadian produced TV show in the eighties that had a tie-in toy line that you could shoot at the screen and it shot back via infrared.

I don't remember there being any reaction onscreen though. It is funny you should mention it because I came across my old XT-7 powerjet just recently.