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Sunday, May 29, 2011

DKTM 104

A Happy Memorial Day weekend to all you yanks out there. A full plate of stuff this week so let's get on with it, as I have an arson case to solve.

What's Eating You?

My buddy Darryl recently forward me this pretty awesome 3D animated short called Hambuster. It's from last summer, so I'm surprised I missed it initially. I do know I'm glad I watched it after my trip to Johnny Rockets after Attack the Block on Wednesday. Check out the patty pandemonium below.

More From The Brains.

I happened across an awesome post from the wonderful horror art site Monster Brains this week. Check out these covers from their "Hideous Rampage Of The Grotesque VHS Box Art!!!"

For the full post, click here.

Sharks In Weird Places.

The trailer for David R. Ellis' Shark Night 3D dropped a few days ago.

Sharks in a lake?! Okay, I guess I'll buy that. Then, just a day or two later, things got even more ridiculous when the trailer for Bait 3D hit the Web.

Sharks in a grocery store??? It seems like horror is all about nature's perfect killing machine right now - with Andrew Traucki's excellent thriller The Reef also being released on DVD in July - and me being a glutton for punishment, am all over it.

Hometown Bloggers Roundup.

My Toronto peeps have been busy over the last few weeks. Schwartz is back to doing regular posts over at Cartoon and Horror. This included some pics from his trip to the old warehouse & graveyard locations from 1985's Return of the Living Dead and a gallery of fantastic art from David Hartman.

After having survived last weekend's Rapture fail, Serena Whitney offered up some tips on how the inevitable zombie apocalypse may actually help your love life.

"Remember the times you were constantly ridiculed by your classmates in High School? During the Zombie Apocalypse, all those painful memories that haunted you will disappear when you are able to finally outrank the so-called buff men that didn’t have enough sense to stock up on guns, wood and canned foods. Women will see you as the 'Alpha male' instead of the 'eternal dork' you were once referred to as."

For the full article, click here.

Lastly, Fangoria scribe Lianne Spiderbaby's podcast Fright Bytes is still chugging along. The most recent episode featured a review of Insidious and an interview with director James Wan. Here it is below.

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