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Sunday, June 19, 2011

DKTM 107

Here's some recent horror tidbits from the Web, before I take off to visit the Old Man.

Eighty-Two Bloody Candles.

Off the top, I want to mention that Goremeister Herschell Gordon Lewis turned eight-two this week. A perveyor of genre films for over six decades, he is likely best known for Two Thousand Maniacs, Blood Feast and Color Me Blood Red, collectively known as The Blood Trilogy. I have seen him a few times in person and it is always great to hear him talk about his storied career. He is just as important a figure as Roger Corman & George Romero, when it comes to filmmakers who molded the modern horror film. Here below, is a trailer for last year's H.G. Lewis documentary Godfather of Gore. You can also click here for my review from Fantasia.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lewis!

Rated M for Madness.

When it's a slow news week around here, I can always count on Drew Daywalt for one of his always solid horror shorts. Below, is his newest nightmare, Polydeus.

Shark Vs Mermaid.

Finally, here's a pretty awesome swimsuit via

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