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Friday, October 11, 2013

Blood In The Snow!

The second edition of the Blood In The Snow Film Festival announced its lineup last night. BITS is special in that it is a fest that solely showcases Canadian genre film and from what I've seen so far, I'm pretty impressed by how smooth an operation it is in just its sophomore year. You can check out the full lineup here, but it is safe to say I'm pretty stoked to see some of the stuff they are screening.

This event has special importance to me - and I've been chomping at the bit all week to spill the news - as not one, but TWO short films I was involved in are premiering here.

The first is my good friend Mike Pereira's short film Spookslayers, about a trio of paranormal investigators who get in way over their head while on a job, will play as part of the short film programme on the Saturday. Here's the trailer below.

The second is a project that I wrote and directed called Lively. It is what I'd call a “babysitter in peril” story. I might as well unveil the poster while I'm at it.

Right click to enlarge.

I am still reeling from the news that Lively will play in front of the closing film, Discopath on Sunday evening. Immeasurable thanks to all at Blood In The Snow for accepting my film with open arms, as well as the courageous folks who accompanied me on the journey to make this little nightmare.

Blood In The Snow runs at Toronto's own Carlton Cinema from Nov 29 to Dec 1st. For tickets and info, click here.

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