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Sunday, January 26, 2014

DKTM 207

Hey guys. Yep, it's still cold as fuck here. I think I might strangle a groundhog, if he doesn't give me some good news next week. On the horror news front, here's what I've got.

It Looks Into YOU.

This week, a teaser arrived for Mike Flanagan's new creepfest Oculus.

Oculus was the best thing I saw at Midnight Madness last year. I know I'm setting the bar high here, but we all need to see this when it comes out this year. As a community, we have to support guys like Flanagan otherwise... well... settle for things like The Devil Inside 2 and countless reboot reboots. Just sayin.

What If...

This was a cool little short called The First Wave I stumbled across a few days ago. Envisioned as a prequel to a feature project called The Third Wave, it is now being developed with help from the Irish Film Board.

I always welcome stuff that puts a spin on an over-saturated horror subgenre. If nothing comes of it, at least I discovered a pair of other things by way of The First Wave, as there are two Euro television series - In The Flesh and The Returned - that deal with similar themes. Count me in.


The talented guys over at Fatal Pictures have a new project in the works, and because it is the most ambitious thing they've done to date, they need your help! Check out their Kickstarter pitch below.

For an extensive list of the campaign's perks and what Fatal Pictures' are all about, see their Kickstarter page here. Good luck guys!

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