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Sunday, June 29, 2014

DKTM 227

Hey everyone. Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weekend. It's far too nice out to be huddled in front of my laptop, so I'll get right to it.

Second Wave!

Fantasia announced another slew of titles last week and they were just as exciting as the batch they unveiled the week before. I've been making the pilgrimage to Montreal for seven years now, and I can't rightly remember a year this packed with genre titles I am eager to see. Here are some recent additions that I'm hoping play the opening week that I am there.

First and foremost is the 40th anniversary ceremony for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which will include Tobe Hooper receiving a lifetime achievement award, followed by a screening of the new 4K restoration of the iconic film. I've seen Texas Chainsaw on the big screen a few times and still maintain that it has real power when projected, as the last act is still as unrelenting as it ever was.

Coming off his impressive debut The Pact, Nicholas McCarthy returns with another house-centric thriller called At The Devil's Door. Bending time and narratives in a way that sounds much like Oculus - one of my current faves - did, I am definitely on board.

Fresh off its premiere at SXSW, Nacho Vigolondo (Timecrimes) brings his latest film Open Windows to Fantasia. Starring Elijah Wood & Sasha Grey, this one is sure to scratch your voyeuristic itch.

Local filmmaker Chad Archibald is premiering his boogeyman throwback The Drownsman at the festival. I remember when this was just an idea, so it's great to see the guys at Black Fawn Films add another project to their growing library.

Another film from SXSW is Housebound from New Zealander Gerard Johnstone. This one apparently turns the haunted house genre on its ear, perhaps in the way Cabin In The Woods did last year. That's really all I need to know.

The UK-Irish production Let Us Prey from Brian O' Malley sounds like a cross between The Twlight Zone and Assault on Precinct 13. You might as well have said chocolate and peanut butter. I'm in!

A film that's been on my radar for a while is Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch's tinseltown horror flick Starry Eyes, so I'm very glad it is coming to Montreal. Hopefully, star Noah Segan will make the trip and hang out at the Irish because he's one cool dude.

The full line-up will be revealed on July 10, but you can check out the rest of the titles recently announced by clicking here.

A Kick To The Head.

As you'll recall, I was pretty chuffed about a coming-of-age horror flick called Found last year. If you've seen it, you'll certainly remember it featured some pretty ghastly scenes from a fictional slasher called Headless. Fictional that is, until the filmmakers decided they were going to make a feature length version to satiate the gorehounds out there. So, considering what a niche project this is, it makes sense that they would turn to their fans - and the morbidly curious - for help. Check out the campaign video below.

Click here to join the debauchery. Here's blood in your eye!

Trailer Trash

I'll end things off here with a few trailers. I posted a video from the guys at StudioADI last week talking about the constant jockeying between practical and digital effects. Well, here's the trailer for one of their latest projects called Harbinger Down.

The influences are obvious, but really all I care about is whether this movie is The Thing remake they originally intended to be a part of. Their technical prowess and Lance Henriksen are really all I need to check this one out. It's interesting to note that Harbinger Down was partially funded through Kickstarter, so that only lends more credence to Gillis & Woodruff Jr's assertion that people WANT to see practical effects.

The second trailer is one for Adam Wingard's newest The Guest.

Gorgeous trailer, guys! Wingard & Barrett are currently on a roll, so let's hope this one is another winner.

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