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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Trailer Tuesdays: Intruder

Twenty five years ago, Scott Spiegel's splatterfest Intruder was released, so here's, courtesy of, is the trailer.

I love this movie for many reasons. First, it has an insane energy to it, as Spiegel's visual style is like Sam Raimi's, except on speed. If you were to drink every time Spiegel uses an irregular camera move or angle, you would... well let's just say it would end badly for you. Second, Intruder showcases some of KNB EFX's best gore work, long before they started augmenting everything with CG. And third, Intruder not only features Ted Raimi, but also his brother Sam, in one of his rare turns in front of the camera. It's a splatstick gem I revisit regularly.

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