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Sunday, October 5, 2014

DKTM 236

Hello all. Since it is now October - the busiest month for all things horror - my weekends are pretty much rammed with stuff. Therefore, this post is coming to you from the past! Here's what I've got for you this week.

Stay Living.

Here's a cool little advert that pops up in my Facebook recently. UK filmmaker Matt Devine recently posted the third in a series of zombie films for Boost Mobile. Here it is below.

To check out the first two parts, click here, and here.

Lucille Would Approve.

A few days ago, the site Nuke The Fridge let fly with a juicy casting rumour about the small screen juggernaut The Walking Dead. Apparently, Kevin Durand has been approached the play the infamous Negan

Those familiar with the comic know that Negan's shoes are tough ones to fill, but I think Durand would be an excellent choice. His size & demeanor fit right in with the character, and furthermore, Durand is killing it right now on The Strain.

Aside from that, the entrance of Negan is really going to shine a light on how far the show can really go on AMC. Considering, they shied away from letting Rick say what he really should've said in the concluding moments of last season's finale, how are they going to deal with someone as “colourful” as Negan??? Case in point;

It should be interesting to say the least. Regardless, I hope the rumours are true, and Negan's arc begins sooner, rather than later.

More King.

Last week, I posted a trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the King novella Big Driver, but there is another King adaptation releasing this weekend. The movie version of the story A Good Marriage, which coincidentally also appeared in the King collection Full Dark, No Stars, stars Anthony Lapaglia, Joan Allen and Kristen Connolly. Here is the trailer below.

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