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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Trailer Tuesdays: Roar

You ever hear about an old movie, and you're like ‘oh my God, I have to watch this now!’ Well, it happens to me quite a lot. Often said movie has something to do with rampaging animals, whether it be rats (Deadly Eyes), dogs (The Pack) or a tiger in a motherfuckin' hurricane (Burning Bright).

So, I was reading an interview (in Delirium magazine, issue #3) with director Ted Nicolau recently, where he recounted how in the late seventies he turned down a job on the Tippi Hedren picture Roar, due to unsafe conditions.

Wait a minute, what? A movie about lions terrorizing a family on a wildlife preserve? Uh, yes please.

I did an internet search and holy cats, copies are going for seventy-five bucks or more. So, save for watching this on YouTube, I've got some extensive hunting to do.

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