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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trailer Tuesdays: Body Double

I checked out a screening of a film I hadn't seen in about twenty-five years last night, Brian DePalma's 1984 sex thriller Body Double.

It's tons of fun, but I was obviously a lot more aware of stuff this time around. DePalma has often been criticized for aping Hitchcock and though this wasn't the first time he'd done it, it may be the most blatent. Body Double is basically a mash-up of Rear Window and Vertigo, but seen through a really sleazy lens. I'm not complaining, the world could always use more Hitchcock, in any form.

James St-- I mean, Craig Wasson in Body Double.

It was also cool to see Scream Queens Barbara Crampton and Brinke Stevens pop up in bit parts, though I must admit it was a little weird watching Melanie Griffith dance around naked after seeing her as a teen just a few days earlier in Roar. But, I managed to get over it pretty quickly.

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Belial Bradley said...

Any man of fairly independent means should enjoy such Hitchcock allusions.