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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

THS Turns 8!!!

So here we are, eight years in. I've gotten crafty and/or reflective the last few years, but this time around I thought I'd just double up with an Archives post - my twenty-sixth!

Anyone who was reading Fangoria in the late eighties will no doubt remember their Poster Magazine Issues that consisted of ten fold-outs of our favourite horror icons. 

Since I didn't start reading Fangoria until late in 1988, I missed the first one, but still have the contents of the other four, of which I posted for your perusal below. Several of them are in pretty rough shape after years of scotch tape exposure. Long-time readers may remember from my seventh archive post that I used to put these on my ceiling as a teen, which alas meant lots and lots of tape. Sadly, with the posters being double-sided, one of the two had to be sacrificed. It was often not an easy choice. First up, are the posters inside Issue #2 from September 1988.

Click to enlarge

I'm assuming that after the first issue, Fangoria received a rash of complaints about staple-related injuries, because there was always a humourous how-to about removing the posters at the beginning of subsequent issues. Following in December came Issue #3.

In April 1989 came issue #4 with more glorious wall adornments.

And last, but not least, in January 1990, Issue #5 hit the stands.

Hopefully, you enjoyed looking through these. But wait, there's more! While I was digging these up, I found a few dozen other horror pin-ups that I'll post tomorrow. So, until then... many thanks for continuing to visit The Horror Section. 

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