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Sunday, January 10, 2016

DKTM 289

Good afternoon everyone. Here's the first DKTM of 2016.

Videogram Express.

On the heels of Videogram's (Swedish composer Magnus Sellergren's retro-synth outfit) Pre-Cert release is a new video for the track Horror Express, using footage from the 1972 film starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

For more info on Videogram, check out their site here.


The trailer for James Wan's return to The Conjuring series dropped a few days ago.

This looks decent. I was a fan of the first movie, but never bothered with Annabelle. I do really like both Farmiga and Wilson, and Wan is one of the best jump scare engineers in the business, so we'll see. The Conjuring 2 comes out June 6th.

R.I.P. Angus Scrimm 1926-2016.

Unfortunately, I have to end on some bad news today. Veteran actor Angus Scrimm passed away yesterday. He was 89. Though having over fifty acting credits to his name in a career that spanned five decades, he was best known as playing the inimitable Tall Man is Don Coscarelli's horror series Phantasm, of which the fifth installment should be releasing this year. I was fortunate to have met Scrimm in 2008 when he was here promoting Glenn McQuaid's I Sell The Dead. Here below is a brief interview by Robert Mitchell from that day.

As you can see, Angus Scrimm was a delightful and humble man and it's a shame he is no longer with us. Rest in peace.


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