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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Busy Month Ahead.

Yesterday, the Fantasia Film Festival FINALLY announced this year's lineup of titles. Here's a taste. From the UK we have Adam Mason's newest project Blood River as well as two Clive Barker adaptations, Dread and Book Of Blood. Also, from Ireland is a supernatural thriller by the name of The Eclipse. The newest horror offering from France is a little film called Mutants. Left Bank is a body-horror flick from Belgium. On this side of the pond, we have time-travelling thrills in Danny Kuchuck & John Weiner’s Cryptic, man vs. nature in Richard Harrah’s The Canyon and the LONG awaited Canadian premiere of Trick 'R' Treat. We'll also finally get to see what all the fuss is about when Paul Solet's Grace screens. Also falling in with the crazy kid theme are Tom Shankland's The Children and Jaume Collet-Serra’s Orphan. The SXSW hit revenge thriller The Horseman rears its ugly head, as well. For those who like comedy with their horror, Dead Snow, Smash Cut and Lesbian Vampire Killers will also be on hand at Fantasia. From Asia, we have Cannes darling Thirst, as well as Love Exposure, martial arts flick Coweb and Korean thriller The Chaser. And lastly, I can't forget to mention Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl is playing there too. I should be heading to Montreal in the last week of July, so I'm hoping to catch as many of these as I can.

For more news on the press conference announcements, check out Twitch here.

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