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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

E3 Is Here!

It's a quiet week here because I've have been embroiled in all the coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. With all the tweets, online videos and G4's twenty-two hours of coverage, there are really not enough hours in the day. There are so many games coming out that look pants-crappingly awesome, it's ridiculous. I was happy that we finally got more info on the upcoming PS3 title Heavy Rain. Basically, it looks like an interactive movie in the vein of Seven. The way the game is setup is quite unique in that you play four characters throughout the course of the game, and if one dies, their death becomes part of the story and you move onto the next character. This allows for almost infinite outcomes. But, enough talk, here's some recently released video.

So, you can see the tone here. I'm lukewarm on the QTE gameplay, but I am very excited to play in this world. To be honest though, the most important thing to me here is the story. If that delivers, I think Heavy Rain will be very satisfying and unique.

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