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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Kill The Messenger XXII

Whew, sorry this one's a bit late, but I'm a little exhausted. I slept in until one today, which I haven't done in a long, long time. Let's get into it, shall we?

First Story's On Me.

The reason I'm so exhausted is the whirlwind of a weekend I just had. Schwartz and I participated in this year's 24 Hour Film Race. And we got miraculously got our film in ON TIME, which if you'll remember was not the case with my experience last year. These things are always so much fun. It is hard work and super stressful at times, but SOOO worth it. Anyway, I'll have a more detailed breakdown of the events posted tomorrow if you want to check back then.

More Joe.

Joe Lynch's (Wrong Turn 2) latest episode of Bodycount dropped on G4's Attack Of The Show this week. For those who don't know Bodycount is a little segment Lynch does where he runs down three horror titles that he thinks are worth checking out. I was hoping for ones that were a bit more current, but for those who haven't seen them, all his picks are required viewing (no matter how unpleasant some - or more specifically ONE - of them may be). Check it out below.

Two New Trailers.

Here are a pair of trailers that hit the Web this week. The first is finally some footage from the upcoming graphic novel adaptation Whiteout starring Kate Beckinsale. I was already in, but this trailer just reinforces it. The second is Zombieland, which is perhaps the most perplexing project I've seen in a while. I suppose it could be fun in a Shaun Of The Dead kind of way. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing a zombie movie starring A-list actors. It's kind of the same reaction I had to the Shutter Island trailer. Scorsese doing Gothika? WTF?! All I know is, if Leo is Patient 67 I am personally taking away Marty's Oscar. Anyway, trailers below.

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