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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Jolly Good Show.

The Film Race screening happened on Friday. It went really well. The audience seemed really receptive to Snip and laughed in all the right spots – as opposed to laughing in all the wrong ones. Thanks to everyone who showed up to support us. I definitely think that despite it being a little rough in spots, Snip was one of the best offered in our programme. If I were choosing a winner (at least from our group of fifteen, I didn’t see the second group of films that screened later that night) I’d probably go with The Harsh Light Of Day by team Just Kill Dixie Monday Josh. It was the most technically sound, looking like something that could have been lensed by Tony Scott. It’s funny how our influences naturally come to the fore sometimes. It should be no surprise that Snip has a noticeable Raimi flair to it, even though I wasn’t even aware of it until we were shooting. There was also another short called Payback’s A Bitch by Sean Grounds that had David Lynch written all over it. I also liked the entry Sprayback by team Lambda Lambda Lambda for its hilarious conclusion. Hopefully, these will all be on the website in a few weeks.

On stage at the Q&A.

The announcement of the winners won’t unfortunately happen for another month, so stay tuned. As for Snip, I am hoping to have it online for your viewage soon.

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