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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 50.

Wow, fifty eh? How about that!

The Eagles Are Coming.

Every once and a while, a trailer comes around that tears up the Internet like a bat - or rather poorly rendered eagle - out of hell. In case you haven't already seen it the trailer for Birdemic: Shock and Terror, here it is below. It's actually been around for a while - not sure how I missed it when it was featured on AOTS last July - but the renewed interest must be due its impending Severin DVD release. Oh, stick with it, as it 'pays' off at the end. I promise it is not a boo-scare video.

And I thought the vulture visual effects in The Rage were bad. Wow. Just wow. In case you need more Birdemic goodness, check out this clip from the *ahem* movie here. With the graphics within, I think a better title would have been Duck Hunt: The Movie.

Some Seventies Love.

Twitter user @freddysfingers directed me to this cool little site the other day called Its aestetic is fairly simple, but it does have a cool collection of horror films from said decade, along with a small profile of directors and a small study of the movies of the time period as a genre. I just wanted to throw it up here, as there may be a title or two that you may want to add to your viewing list.

More LNC.

It seems I can't go a week without mentioning Killerfilm's Late Night Classics recently. I tweeted about this earlier, but just wanted to call more attention to it here because, well... It's The Effing Video Dead! Here's a snip from a recently posted interview with Roxanna Manuel, one of the film's stars.

Killer Film: How did you get involved in THE VIDEO DEAD?

Roxanna Manuel: I responded to an ad in one of the San Francisco papers for auditions for the movie. I auditioned at a small studio in San Francisco where I met with the director, Robert Scott. I can’t remember but I think he either offered me the part on the spot or called me within a day to make the offer.I was really excited. I had moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco to attend the Summer Training Program at the American Conservatory Theatre, and my meeting with Robert was my first audition for a film. Man, I was young.

Killer Film: What was the atmosphere on set like?

Roxanna Manuel: It was frenzied but friendly. By the time I was called to work, the crew and the zombies had been working together for awhile, and they all appeared to know and like each other. Robert was so great – he couldn’t afford to pay anyone up front, so people were working for free, which meant he had to schedule filming around people’s other work schedules. He was very professional and respectful of people’s time commitments, so when we were on set, we were totally focused on getting things done quickly.

To check out the rest of the interview, click here. And while you are at it, join the petition to get The Video Dead FINALLY released on DVD. It's up to us to convince MGM that is worth their time to put it on store shelves in digital format.

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