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Friday, February 12, 2010

One More Unlocked.

This week's intro is another goodun'. After my failed attempt a few weeks ago, I finally managed to find another Key Video title during my travels this week.

I hope you enjoyed that because one of my VCRs gave its life trying to bring you the above footage snagged from a heavily stickered copy of Killer Fish. Ah, no matter. It actually gave me a chance to hook up my new VCR/DVD combo machine that I bought last week for a song.

Key Video was a subsidiary of CBS/Fox that thrived in the eighties. Their titles are always easy to spot in a crowd as they all sport the same distintive set of rainbow stripes.

Key's catalogue consisted of all genres, but some of their horror titles included Cat's Eye, Phantom Of The Paradise, Dario Argento's Inferno, Anguish, Night School and the much sought after TV movie Dark Night Of The Scarecrow, which is slated to finally be released - after having being already delayed once - on DVD in 2010.

Though Key is no longer around, ownership of their titles is split up over a few different companies including 20th Century Fox, Sony, MGM and Lions Gate.


Cinema Du Meep said...

That's funny, I just posted a blog about Key Video and then I go to my Blogger Reader and read your blog! I think we might have been separated at birth or something!!

Jay Clarke said...

Yes, it seems so. Just went back and saw your awesome Vestron post. I guess great minds do think alike!