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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't Kill The Messenger 82

I'm still a little under the weather here, so I'll keep things brief this morning.

Another Bloody List.

Here's a link to a list of Ten Underrated Horror Movies from jeremyz of While I find it hard to believe there is any fan out there worth their salt that hasn't revelled in the awesomeness of certain picks like [REC] and Night of the Creeps, there are some titles like Wrong Turn 2 & Behind The Mask that sadly haven't been seen by some. I can't speak for Otis or Carriers, but the rest of the flicks on the list are worth your attention. For the full list, click here.

Trailer #1.

Here is a Red-Band trailer for the upcoming Finnish horror comedy, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Frankly, this is a brilliant idea and the trailer below makes it look like a sack full of fun.

Trailer #2.

It looks like British blood brothers Adam Mason & Simon Boyes are finally nearing the end of the road with their ongoing project Luster. The two have talked at length on their podcast about the post-production challenges with achieving the right narrative bent, but it looks like they've finally conquered it, as a new trailer for the thriller starring Mason mainstay Andrew Howard appeared on Twitch this week. Here it is below.


Anonymous said...

-> I'm still a little under the weather here

You're not getting any younger brah, you've got to start taking care of yourself and not go out in the middle of the night and dance in your torrential rainfalls.

But if you insist, like Areosmith, in living on the edge, I recommend you take ameliorative action such as looking into pharmaceuticals.

Cold medicine, Dristan, neocitran, all that stuff is bullshit. What I find effective, and it might not for you, is to use liquid echinacea.

I heard about it years ago, tried it, and no luck, didn't make a difference. But I found later is that it's the dosage and the timing that mattered as well.

If I feel a cold or flu coming on, I'll take about 40 drops in a drink of water or my favorite sugary beverage (Pepsi, oui?) and down it. Stuff tastes awful, like tree root. But when I do this every three hours, it knocks the severity of the cold down to about 10 percent of full level. I stop doing this and it comes back full force.

In other words, it makes life tolerable when sick and allows me to go on as normal. I don't think I've missed work by being sick for about five years. I only miss work so that I can haunt the Horror Section and bark at the moon.

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