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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saturday Night Séance.

Last weekend, it was time to once again head out to High Park for another one of Serena’s famed movie nights, this one centered around flicks involving all manner of demonic possession.

First up was Scream Dream, an old 1989 shot-on-video ditty that Serena had been talking up for the last little while. And by talking up, I mean in a OMFG-you-have-to-see-this-piece-of-shit kind of way. Transferred from Betamax, Scream Dream is certainly… something. If you are familiar with the SOV “classics” that crowded video store shelves in the eighties, then you kind of know what to expect. Surprisingly, extended sequences from a metal concert – that looked like they were shot in someone's basement – and demonically possessed sock puppets were not enough to keep my interest. It is more likely that someone had the great idea to film a half-naked blonde getting chainsawed in the vag and built a movie around it.

I'd love to serve up a trailer, but I couldn't find one. Considering how little there actually is about this flick online, one wonders if it would've disappeared completely if not for SRS Cinema throwing it on a disc. I guess we have them to “thank” for that. From eighties hair & pseudo-metal, we moved onto something a little more recent with Night of the Cleavage-- Demons! Demons, I meant to say demons, the Night of the Demons remake.

I feel we kinda already got a remake for this movie with 2000’s The Convent, but here it is whether you want it or not. Director Adam Gierasch offers up a serviceable redo with smatterings of gore and empty fun. Even though it slightly overstays its welcome, I found it hard to dislike a film that's populated with as many lovely ladies as this one was. If I needed anyone beyond Monica Keena to hold my attention, there's also Shannon Elizabeth, Bobbi Sue Luther and Diora Baird, all wearing Halloween outfits so tight, they looked like they might give way at any moment.

God Day-am!

And I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Laird for re-enacting the famous Linnea Quigley lipstick scene from the original, even it did get a little messy there at the end. Speaking of Quigley, she turns up in a brief and revealing cameo, although I’m wondering whose idea it was – hers or Gierasch’s – to have her sticking her ass into the faces of a couple of ten-year-olds. Anyway, in contrast to Keena and company, you’ve got Eddie Furlong. What the fuck happened to this kid? It is depressing to see him like this, I mean look at the guy...

He makes the Culkins look like well adjusted darlings! It's just unfortunate, is all.

Last up, Serena threw in the 2002 British horror Long Time Dead. It was fine, but about fifteen minutes in I realized I’d seen it before, so how much of an impression could it have made, really?

So, that was my Saturday night. A tri-fecta of demon flicks, nice conversation and some hella good Devil’s food cake! Not a bad way to kill an evening, I'd say.

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