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Monday, January 7, 2013

CAST 2012

The 3rd Annual CAST (Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto) awards were posted last week. For those not in the know, a loose collective of GTA bloggers (including yours truly) compile their top films of the year, which are then tabulated by James McNally (of Toronto Screen Shots) into one big list. Here's what ended up being CAST's Top Five Films of 2012.

1) Moonrise Kingdom
2) The Master
3) Looper
4) Skyfall
5) The Imposter

Based on the past two years, I have noticed a widening gap between my likes and the rest of CAST 2012 did not buck this trend, as my top five were;

1) The Avengers
2) Headhunters
3) Byzantium
4) Django Unchained
5) Resolution

The Avengers may seem like a surprising choice, but there was no other movie that I had as much fun watching in 2012 as Marvel's uber-project. It was also one of only two films that I saw multiple times in the theatre (Cabin In The Woods being the other).

As for the official top five, I don't get Wes Anderson, so I generally avoid his films, and I feel Looper received a little more praise than it perhaps deserved - much like Drive last year. I didn't get a chance to see The Master, but I'm sure I will at least appreciate the performances once I get around to it. Skyfall was highly enjoyable - it was #7 on my list - but not the BEST BOND EVER that a lot of people seemed to be screaming from the rafters.

For the full twenty-five titles on this year's CAST list, click here.

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