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Sunday, January 20, 2013

DKTM 166

Hello all. While I recover from my first hockey hangover (it's been WAY too long), here's some juicy horror tidbits from this last week.

Trailer Trash.

Sundance & Slamdance are currently underway, so today I'm bringing you a few trailers for films now screening in Park City. The first is S-VHS, the follow-up to last year's anthology sensation V/H/S. This crew includes the likes of Jason Eisener, Eduardo S├ínchez & Adam Wingard. Here below, is a peek at the upcoming analogue chaos.

Second, is a teaser for a new backwoods flick called Jug Face. Larry Fessenden was co-producer on this one, and we all know he has a pretty good track record in that capacity of late. This trailer also has some of the freakiest pottery I've ever seen!

Cabin Roll Call!

Toronto-based artist Trevor Henderson recently inked something epic. Below, is a depiction of the climactic showdown from last year's Cabin In The Woods.

Right click to enlarge.

This print will also be available in colour, as well. To see more of Trevor's work, you can check out his site here.

Le Perv.

Just when you thought the whole Grindhouse movement was all played out, French-electro artists Carpenter Brut got together with Silver Strain to produce this wonderful little homage to Italian sleaze. I'm sure you can discern from the screen cap that this is NSFW. Enjoy!

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