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Friday, August 14, 2015

Netflix Pix 10.0

There were a few notable horror titles recently added to Netflix North, so I figured this lazy Friday would be a good time to showcase a few of them.

This is a film from a few years ago that sadly flew under the radar. Jamie Collet-Solla (before becoming Liam Neeson's action partner) breathed some really fresh ideas into a story that could laid there like a dead fish. In addition to some solid performances from Peter Sarsgaard & Vera Farmiga, the real standout is then ten-year-old Isabelle Fuhrman as the titular character. Much like Ellen Page in Hard Candy, she is a force to be reckoned with. Small packages don't always contain good things.

This was a huge leap forward for Rob Zombie in my opinion, as the MTV sensibilities of his previous works were abandoned for something more cinematic. The obvious love of films from days gone by is still here, but he seems much more restrained in Lords and lets pace and atmosphere take over. The cinematography and score also help to gloss over what is a fairly thin plot. I'm definitely interested to see on what side of the fence his next flick “31” falls on.

Likely my fave horror film of 2013, Oculus gave me everything I wanted. Mike Flanagan builds on the atmosphere and dread of his previous indie Absentia and weaves a very impressive tale. I feel this is one of the best examples of seamlessly juggling two different timelines within the same space. The cast is strong across the board and the scare pieces are really effective, at least to me anyway.

I just saw this a few weeks ago and was really impressed by it. Mark Duplass keeps showing his versatility having been involved in several genres, from comedy (TV's The League) to romantic drama (The One I Love) to horror (Baghead). Creep is an incredibly simple tale, with the camera pointed at Duplass for most of the film. The escalation as his antics become more uncomfortable for his interviewer is palpable and I liked that they kept finding new ways to invigorate its “found footage” narrative. That is by no means an easy feat in this day and age.

So, there you have it; four titles to keep you occupied should you feel the need to curl up with Big Red. But, for right now, GET OUTSIDE. It's beautiful out!!!


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